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Lucifer was brought to the veterinary clinic after eating tiger lilies. Lily ingestion is considered highly toxic, causes acute renal injury (severe kidney damage), and can easily be fatal if the pet does not receive veterinary treatment.


How to Spoil Your Dog (Without Accidentally Harming Them)


You love your dog so very dearly, and that’s why you want to make sure that you give them absolutely everything possible so that they want for nothing. Many people spoil their pets simply because they can, for this reason! However, your vet will be quick to tell

How to Spoil Your Dog (Without Accidentally Harming Them)2022-08-29T20:30:36+00:00

Healthy Eating Tips for Pets


When you feed your pet a treat, you do it because they’re well-behaved, obviously. But above and beyond this, you also want to show them how much you love them. Are you sure you are giving your dog a treat that shows that to them? Do you know

Healthy Eating Tips for Pets2022-08-22T22:10:45+00:00

What to Do If You Lose Your Pet (And How to Prevent Losing Your Pet)?


When you bring your furry friend into your household as a new addition, you are doing so with the understandable assumption that they’ll be with you until their final days of life in the future.  However, part of achieving that goal is going to be literally having them

What to Do If You Lose Your Pet (And How to Prevent Losing Your Pet)?2022-08-22T22:12:43+00:00
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