Organization: Tails of Help is a registered charity dedicated to keeping Alberta pets healthy and with their families — through education, and financial aid to provide veterinary care for pet owners in need. The Role: • Tails of Help is seeking a Board Member to serve as Treasurer for the organization, to serve up to a three-year term commencing in or around April of 2019. Board members work together to develop and implement the organization strategy, plans, and policies. The successful Treasurer candidate is someone with a finance background to be able to provide proper oversight of our internal controls. Duties, Responsibilities & Activities: • As Treasurer, main areas of activity are as follows: – Treasury – 15 hours per year (i.e. half hour per payment cycle plus for other activities listed below) – Finance – 20 hours per year (i.e. one hour per month for monthly review, plus other activities as needed) – Compliance – 20 hours per year (generally between July and September) – Special Projects – 20 hours per year (guiding and monitoring implementation of new internal control systems) • As a general member of the Board, you will be responsible to: – Attend all meetings of the Board – Review all Board materials prior to each meeting – Conduct governance and due diligence by asking informed questions – Mentor volunteers – Attend and support key events – Foster communications with potential strategic partners and donors – Represent the best interests of Tails of Help both within and outside the organization Training: Materials will be supplied to provide orientation and information for new Board Members about the organization, policies, and Board activities. Time Requirements: • The successful applicant is expected to invest approximately eight hours per month including Treasurer’s activities and Board meetings and related preparation, with some fluctuation of time commitments depending upon Tails of Help’s scheduled events in various portions of the year. Total annual commitment is estimated at approx. 100 hours total. Details of Treasurer activities: • Treasury – Review and approval of online payments – bi-weekly – Review and approval of cheques – quarterly – Maintenance of approval authority and coordination of signatory changes – Coordination of investments for reserve funds • Finance – Review of monthly results (monthly internal control sign off of bank reconciliation) – Review and stewardship of annual budget – Oversight of financial accounting policies – Oversight of internal controls with adjustments as needed • Compliance – Coordination of annual external audit and review of findings, completion of fraud risk assessments and internal control analysis – Review and approval of semi-annual GST recoveries – Review and approval of Annual Information Return • Special projects – in progress – Electronic workflow (i.e. HubDocs) – Cloud accounting (i.e. Quickbooks online), including transition to dynamic accounting (i.e. cost centers) and automation of monthly reporting for Executive Director reports – Internal Control Enhancements & Mitigation – Transition to new bookkeepers – Electronic Annual Budget (i.e. integration into Quickbooks instead of Excel) – not started