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During the start-up of this foundation, the initial costs (for CRA registration, website development and materials to promote awareness of our organization and for initial fundraising activities) were generously funded by private foundations, individuals and certain associations interested in supporting this initiative. The ABVMA has also generously provided certain resources at no material cost to its members and have engaged key veterinary members, with a passion to develop this worthy activity, to support an orderly and successful start-up of this foundation. It is our objective to keep all related administration costs below 20 per cent of the total funds raised in our first year of operation and to reduce this percentage as we develop our capacity and capability in the organization. For comparison, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) considers 35 per cent to be an acceptable standard.

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No, currently Tails of Help does not use any paid fundraising orgnaizations, thanks to our volunteer executive, volunteer board and other volunteers.

2017 is the first full year that Tails of Help employs any paid staff, on a part-time basis, for administration and management of the charity’s operations.

No. Tails of Help strives to have every event sponsored by corporations or individuals who generously offer to cover the costs. Sponsorship may be in the form of in-kind products or services or straight cash. Every event and its associated sponsor(s) will be recognized on our website and at our events. By offsetting specific event costs with Sponsorship opportunities, we can further devote your donation dollars to the delivery of our charitable activities.
All Tails of Help board of directors are volunteers; with no benefits, no salaries nor stipends. Tails of Help will also maximize its use of volunteers for all of its activities, both internal and external. 2017 is the first full year that Tails of Help employs any paid staff, on a part-time basis, for administration and management of the charity’s operations. It is our objective to operate a cost effective charitable organization and to direct every donation dollar possible toward the charitable activities of this organization.
Tails of Help is committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of your personal information. The information you provide will be used to assist in the proper administration and acknowledgement of your gift, to issue tax receipts and to fulfil your information requests. We do not sell donor information, nor do we share donor information with other agencies. We protect information through effective governance, secure computer systems and document management.
No one should feel pressured to give, but Tails of Help provides everyone the opportunity to make an informed choice for a crucial charitable activity to Albertans facing financial hardship. Tails of Help leverages the existing infrastructure of the ABVMA and its participating veterinary clinics, which adds significant value to your gift. Our executive and volunteers will provide factual information and real examples of where, who and how we can effect a positive change with your donation of funds, in-kind, time or advocacy.

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