Hello, I did not want to jinx anything until Tucker had woken up from surgery and the anesthetic had worn off. She was in a very bad way yesterday but this morning she got up and ate and is now sleeping quietly. They removed 17 teeth altogether and two growths from her side which I pray are not cancer. But then I think of my beloved dog Dioji and although his tumor came back non-cancerous it turned out that his cancer was all slowly quietly eating him up inside so I didn’t know whether to all my eggs in one basket as I did with him, because you just never know.

That being said after Dioji just passing I had so little money and I was so financially in trouble and could not have had this surgery for Tucker that will prolong he life. Periodontal disease was so advanced and so horrible.

I’m sending a few photos from yesterday and today to see how far he has come so quickly my sweet sweet little nugget. She will be 13 next month and she will be paying free what a beautiful gift thank you so much Mark Patrick and Tails of help.

Kind regards Jill and Tucker