Adding a furry family member?  If so, you’ll want to think carefully about where that furry family member comes from!  You’ll have a few options for your choice, including a rescue facility, a pet shop, or a breeder.  Are you seriously considering a rescue animal?  There are pros and cons to this decision.  Here are the ones to think about most!

Pros of Adopting a Rescue Animal

Here are some of the fantastic pros to considering bringing a rescue into your household!   There are some families who would consider no other option than a rescue, and some that would consider no option other than a breeder.  Neither is right or wrong, but there are some serious pros to rescue animals!

You give a deserving animal a home

Rescue animals end up in rescue organizations either because they are seized from undeserving families, or they are surrendered by owners who no longer want them.  Regardless of the reason, they will be looking for a home that will love them more than their previous one.  You have the opportunity to be that new home to show them that love for the rest of their life.

You’re not adding to animal overpopulation

The sad fact is that there are too many animals in this world.  Since many owners don’t spay or neuter their pets, it can result in constantly having litter after litter, and it has become a major problem of animal welfare.  Adopting a dog or cat will help avoid overpopulation that inevitably leads to owner abandonment, rescue shelter overcrowding, and ultimately euthanasia.

Rescue pets love their family more than other pets do!

This is not a quip but a serious benefit!  Rescue dogs and cats love their families more than breeder or store-bought pets because they know how it feels to not be taken care of properly.  While it may take them a while to warm up to you and your way of caring for them, they will love you so much that it’s going to make you tear up!  They’ll be so grateful to you for caring for them; they’ll devote themselves to proving that to your over and over again!

You’ll be helping rescue animals heal from past trauma

Whether you are aware of it or not, you can help rescues understand that humans aren’t bad creatures.  You’ll be showing kindness and love where others may not have.  This is a major reason to consider a rescue animal.  While be challenging to help them heal from a difficult past, it is so worthwhile to take on this task!

You’ll get a great blend of personality traits

Since rescue animals aren’t purebred, you’ll get a beautiful blend of personality traits and physical traits!  It makes for an incredible, unique pet that will be unlike any other one on the planet.  For those that love individuality, this is a great detail to think about!  It can make being a pet parent a unique experience!

Cons of Adopting a Rescue Animal

All of those pros above are great and all, but there are some cons to think about when you are looking at adopting a dog or cat or another animal!  An informed decision is one that goes over the good and the bad, after all, so read on!

You’ll never know their medical/breed history

A rescue animal is seldom going to come with a medical history, background, or anything at all to document their history.  This means that details like genetic predispositions and even preexisting medical conditions can be a bit of a guessing game!  While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it can lead to a mixed bag when looking at taking proper care of your new pet.

You can look at options like a detailed medical exam, allergy testing, and more, to help you get a proper idea of just what you’re dealing with when it comes to your dog’s inner workings and needs.  There is going to be plenty of help out there for understanding your rescue animal’s needs, but you have to do some of the heavy lifting yourself, too, rather than just relying on certifications like you would from a breeder or pet shop.

This is something to think about seriously if your finances are limited, though.  If you aren’t in a position to spend money at a vet’s office, a rescue animal will have a bit more unpredictability than others!  You can always talk to your vet or the rescue organization about this if you are unsure.  This is a common question and concern, and most are happy to talk to you about your options!

They can have triggers from past trauma

Sadly, a lot of rescue animals come from abusive backgrounds or neglectful backgrounds, at the very least.  This can lead to triggers of their past even in their present-day life with you.  Biting or snarling, hiding, and just simply seeming unhappy randomly can happen with dogs who are trying to learn to trust you.

Most families will have to be careful with rescue animals when it comes to the idea of easing them into their new family, new situations, new people, new pets, and more.  It isn’t a dealbreaker by any means, but it can lead to many owners feeling uncertain if they’ve never before worked with a rescue animal.  Many rescue pets will require TLC, careful pacing, and the help of a professional pet behaviorist in some cases.  

Consider Both Pros and Cons Carefully

As most will agree, a rescue animal is a great addition to every home and family, but that doesn’t mean that it’s the best option for everyone, or the only option.  The goal is simply to find the right option based on the information that is most relevant to you.  There is no right or wrong thing to consider, but rather one that feels better or easier for you, or worse! 

The best thing that you can do when considering adding a furry friend is to make sure that you are adding the right type of family member.  This choice helps you know that they will be happy in your home, and a happy and safe member of your family, too!


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