Andrew Ewan has resigned from his position with Tails of Help to pursue another career opportunity.

Andrew has been Executive Director for Tails of Help for the past two years, and the charity sincerely appreciates the service, hard work, and experience that Andrew brought to the charitable organization.

Tails of Help is very grateful for Andrew’s time with the charity, and wishes him every success in his new position.

Mark Patrick is taking a leave of absence from the position of President for Tails of Help, to move into the role of Interim Executive Director. Dr Troy Bourque is moving into the role of Tails of Help Interim President.

These changes take effect as of July 1, 2018.

For any inquiries directed to Tails of Help Executive Director/Andrew Ewan, please send now to the following email address:
or for telephone inquiries, the phone number is still 587-574-8415.

Thank you,
Mark Patrick, Interim Executive Director
Tails of Help