Tails of Help is pleased to announce that our volunteer-driven non-profit has just reached a major new milestone: Tails of Help has now saved over one thousand Alberta pets with veterinary treatment since our organization began. Tails of Help relies on public support and donations to keep the treatment program open and saving more pets of at-risk Alberta owners and families. This vitally important cause needs your support. To donate or volunteer, please visit the www.tailsofhelp.ca Home page.

Too many at-risk Alberta residents encounter a situation where they cannot afford needed veterinary medical treatment for a beloved family pet. Without that treatment the pet will endure suffering, or pet owners are forced to make heart-rending decisions to surrender or euthanize their pet. Sometimes these pets are the primary companion, deepest friend, and most loving contact in their owner’s lives. Often, they are essential to the emotional and mental well-being for at-risk members of Alberta society.

The COVID pandemic has been a huge challenge with so many fund-raising and public awareness events activities cancelled or postponed, yet during the past twelve months Tails of Help still aided over 200 more Alberta families to get essential treatment for their pets. Tails of Help expects this significant increased level of need will carry on well into 2022.

Tails of Help is a registered charity dedicated to providing financial assistance for essential health care for ill or injured pets of at-risk pet owners throughout Alberta, including low-income families, persons with disabilities, seniors, and domestic violence victims.

Tails of Help is approved by the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association, the Edmonton Humane Society, the Calgary Humane Society, and supported by the Calgary Foundation.

For interview requests or further information please contact:
Mark Patrick
Tails of Help Executive Director
Email: mark.patrick@tailsofhelp.ca

Thank you again for vital support from the Calgary Foundation, and from our generous sponsors VCA Canada, Hill’s Pet Nutrition Canada Inc, and Vetsie!