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Hi there!

It’s taken me a while to get this done for you but here is my testimonial. Again, thank you so much …



I am an avid animal lover. I have two dogs, Charlie (mini) and Lola (standard) both poodles. I treat them like family and take pride in being very responsible for their care. I found myself in an unexpected and very sad, distressing situation.

Our home in Fort McMurray was lost in the wildfire. I lost my job as a result. My Dad died and we had to fly across the country. So many financial priorities! On top of everything Charlie had a fluke accident, dislocated his hip and needed surgery. I was sick with fear and worry for him since I needed him as much as he needed me. I was torn because we just didn’t have the funds. I was so blessed to find Dr Emily and she suggested Tails of Help. Mercifully they were able to help us. Every day that I get to enjoy my boy I am thankful for Tails of Help and Dr Emily. During one of my bleakest and depressing times I watched Charlie endure major surgery with cheer and humour. He became my little hero when I needed one so badly. Words cannot express my gratitude for the help I received.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you Tails of Help!