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Helping sick and injured animals

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Nyx suffered an injury to his left knee, causing damage to his cruciate ligament. This made his knee unstable and left him unable to walk or move normally without pain.


Lucifer was brought to the veterinary clinic after eating tiger lilies. Lily ingestion is considered highly toxic, causes acute renal injury (severe kidney damage), and can easily be fatal if the pet does not receive veterinary treatment.


Hershey has a broken tooth, dental disease and an infection that’s causing abscess wound on his face - and needs surgery, dental extractions and follow up medications.


Scoobie is suffering from dental disease and is in need of surgery, dental extractions and follow up medications.

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Provide treatment. Pet owners in need far too often have to surrender their beloved pet, have them suffer without needed treatment, or even have them euthanized.

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We are proud to announce that Tails of Help over the years has disbursed more than $550,000 to aid more than 800 sick or injured pets, who provide years of love and companionship to their owners.

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